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If you could reinvent data literacy and capacity building, what would it look like?

We are building the next big thing in capacity-building for the civic sector: an open toolkit designed to fill the data gap in trainings, workshops, mentoring and all the learning activities that allow our communities to flourish.


CLI is a data-driven nonprofit aiming to be the interface to unlocking civic organizations’ potential: we equip both funders and civic organizations in making the best use of data, helping them work better together.


At the individual level we provide strategic advice and facilitate data literacy activities; at the global level we build open-source tools and processes that turn short term trainings into lasting change.

Our first product is ourselves: we are rethinking and sharing publicly what a data-driven nonprofit could be; and we are doing so without shying away from the tensions behind our ambition: between speed and inclusion; between measurement and contextualisation; between technology and trust.


We are bringing together a global team to tackle a global challenge.

Contact us to work with us or follow our progress on our blog and newsletter.